"My name is Helen. I am a wife, stepmother and a mother. I live in Sheffield, England, and I am a qualified Nutrition Coach".

My name is Helen Everatt. I’m a qualified Nutrition Coach and currently enjoy living and working in Sheffield, England. My other roles as a wife, stepmother and mother also keep me happily busy! Before taking time out of work to raise my children full-time, I worked alongside people on the margins of society struggling with substance misuse and addiction issues. I have a BA (hons) from The University of Sheffield and a Certificate in Substance Misuse, Care and Counselling.

My Story

Growing up, I was always on the heavier side of ‘normal’. After the birth of my first son, I genuinely believed that nothing could change my body composition; neither diet or any amount of exercise. Subsequently, I never tried to lose any weight. As a foodie, I also presumed I was healthy because I cooked everything from scratch. 

After the birth of our second child, we knew our family was complete but sadly my weight was getting me down. With our youngest two children under 18 months old, life was hectic and I was immersed in the world of babies with no time for ‘me’. I finally decided I wanted to do something for myself. I wanted to lose weight (the 20 lbs or so from pregnancy), and get back to my original, pre-baby ‘bigger-than-normal’ size. I certainly didn’t have the confidence to believe I couldlose anymore weight than that and be genuinely pleased with my weight and shape. 

I joined a slimming club and stuck to the rules fervently, even obsessively. When I reached my pre-baby weight I was ecstatic and thought “I’ve got the hang of this!” so I carried on. I lost 1 stone per month and by Christmas that year, I was 6 stone lighter than when I was 9 months pregnant… I was finally slim! But all was not well; I was now terrified. I was constantly worried about gaining weight, as if a single slice of cake would put 6 stone back on in an instant. I was also obsessively substituting every sugar and fat with a sugar-free and low-fat alternatives. I was terrified of eating nuts and seeds and couldn’t go near avocados- eating fat surely means I’d get fat again, right? Wrong. I didn’t know how to live in the real world and not be on a diet, I felt totally trapped. 

My health was suffering as a result of my diet of whole food substitutes. My wise brother-in-law (insta @training_nutrition_health) simply and kindly suggested I do some research. I started to look into eating ‘clean’, low-carb, keto, vegetable juices, paleo, refined sugar-free etc. and was overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available online. Which route do I take? Which rules should I stick to now? 

I started to make changes to my diet, concentrating on whole foods for the sake of my health, petrified of putting any weight back on. I was doing ok, but I knew I was just scratching the surface. I joined a gym and discovered another passion, weight lifting. 

To get myself a solid foundation and understanding of nutrition I enrolled on Body Type Nutritions (www.bodytypenutrition.co.uk ), Foundation Academy which is a 10 week course covering all things Nutrition, Health and Weight Management. I loved it! it reset my mind, freed me from all nutrition ‘rules’ and gave me the solid foundation I was craving. A holistic and sensible approach to health. 

I was so inspired! After speaking to friends it seemed clear that there are so many others, like me, confused about nutrition and overwhelmed by all the (sometimes conflicting) information presented to them. With a young family, I realised I could put my new passion to good use and equip and encourage people with a thorough understanding of nutrition and lifestyle optimisation for the human body. Being able to study and see clients around school and preschool commitments, whilst still being available for my children, was an exciting prospect. I nervously signed up to the Practical Academy, a 12 month course taught by Dieticians, Sports Nutritionists, PhD Researchers, Psychologists and GB Athletes to enable me to practice competently as a Nutrition Coach. 

I qualified in September 2017 and have my insurance to practice.

Do you need a Nutrition Coach?

  • Are you confused about Nutrition?
  • Are you desperate to make changes but not sure how to go about it?
  • Have you got fat-loss, muscle-gain, body composition goals you need help and accountability to reach?
  • Do you have food intolerances or allergies and need support to implement a new diet?
  • Is food an emotive subject? Do you need support to gain a healthy relationship with food?

Contact me, I'd love to hear from you!